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WellDent is a unique type of dental practice. Our Team is available to treat your dental needs 7 days week with extended flexible hours. Our team is committed to our mission of being available when other dentists are not, which often requires that we stay late into the evening.

WellDent Team members are committed to our principles and beliefs and strive to see every patient that calls or presents to our clinic in pain. Our practice also treats referrals from other dental offices and hospital emergency rooms requesting us to help patients in pain or who have had accidents.

Our doctors are trained to offer you many different treatment options and are skilled in implementing procedures that will alleviate pain or restore the beauty of your smile. Our goal is to please you. When we succeed, it reinforces that we are the premier provider of convenient and accessible dental care. We offer a unique approach to dental care. We want your dental experience to be pleasurable and informative.

If our Team can answer any questions or concerns to make your experience at WellDent more enjoyable please feel free to call +91 9960702903

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Our Team

Dr. Swapnil Kalamkar

Dr. Mitali Surkar