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WellDent is a unique type of dental practice. Our Team is available to treat your dental needs 7 days week with extended flexible hours. Our team is committed to our mission of being available when other dentists are not, which often requires that we stay late into the evening.

WellDent Team members are committed to our principles and beliefs and strive to see every patient that calls or presents to our clinic in pain. Our practice also treats referrals from other dental offices and hospital emergency rooms requesting us to help patients in pain or who have had accidents.

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Dental Treatment

Dental Implant

Dental implant is nothing but a tiny titanium screw which is placed in the jaw bone where the tooth is missing. It acts as a tooth root, just like natural teeth and improves the bite functionality.

Root Canal Treatment

It causes a severe pain when tooth caries progress to nutritious tissue of the tooth known as “Pulp”. RCT is performed to remove such infected tissue and relieve you from pain.

Crown and Bridges

Dental bridge is a cost effective treatment modality for replacing missing tooth. Dental crowns are advised when the tooth is present but is damaged and needs to protected.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures are helpful in enhancing your overall smile. Cosmetic procedures include various treatments such as tooth colored fillings, veneers etc.

Gum Treatment

Gum problems are commonly caused by bacterial infection resulting in swollen & bleeding gums. Gum treatment helps to get rid of such infections.


Dentures are removable set of teeth for individuals who have partially or completely missing teeth. Dentures are cost effective & restore chewing functionality.

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